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What is Pixabay and Why Should You Be Using It?

What is Pixabay and Why Should You Be Using It?

When it comes to images and pictures, it seems like every website has one. They’re everywhere — especially on the internet. is a site where you can find stock photos that are licensed under Creative Commons. Many websites have pixabay photos because they use them to give their photos credibility.

In other words, the photos look good and don’t just look like something you’d find on any random website. But what is pixabay, and why should you be using it? Here’s everything you need to know about pixabay and how to use it to get free stock photos and images.

What is Pixabay

What is Pixabay?

Pixabay is a site that provides free stock photos and images. For example, you can use pixabay to find an image of an unusual flower or a scenic landscape. Pixabay is a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license which means they take no credit and no copyright.

Pixabay has millions of free stock photos that anyone can use for personal or commercial purposes. You can copy, modify, distribute the work, and use it in your projects as long as you provide attribution by linking back to the original photo on

Why Should You Be Using Pixabay?

If you’re looking for free stock photos, then pixabay is the perfect site for you. Pixabay has images that are licensed under Creative Commons, meaning there are no copyright restrictions. You can use these photos in any way you want — even commercially.

Additionally, when you download a photo from pixabay, it includes the credits and attributions. This makes it easier to understand where the photo came from and who made it. If you’re looking for free stock photos or images, then pixabay is certainly worth checking out.

How to Use Pixabay

Pixabay is a website where you can find free images and pictures. Pixabay has a search bar on the top of its homepage that lets you search for an image. You can also browse through categories to find what you’re looking for. If you know the name of the image you want, then it will show up in the search results. When looking for images, there are some things to keep in mind.

- Images must be used under Creative Commons licensing. - Images cannot be copyrighted (meaning they cannot be owned by anyone). - Images must not infringe on any trademark or intellectual property rights. - Pixabay does not accept pornography, violence, or hate speech images. - Pixabay does not accept images with models who are nude or partially undressed in sexually suggestive poses or contexts.

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